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MIRAGE E.V.O (Enhanced-Valve-Output) RDA by AB1 Mach

AB1 Mach

MIRAGE E.V.O (Enhanced-Valve-Output) RDA by AB1 Mach

$ 80.00

MIRAGE E.V.O. (Enhanced-Valve-Output)
• Stainless Steel 304
• Total Height 25 mm
• Width 22 mm
• 3 poles - Negative wirehole 1.8 mm milled to the deck
- Positive wirehole 1.8 mm x 2 mm
• Ring Shape Base Design (serves as juice catcher)
• Black delrin wide bore drip tip
• Black delrin driptip adapter for your Standard drip tip
• Dome shaped inner and outer top cap
• M3 Allen (grub) set screws negative and positive
• Peek Insulator Installed
Introducing the new Innovation in Vaping:
• Upper Topcap is installed with the delrin driptip for maximum flavor.
• The Sleeve has “Cyclops” style airhole to accommodate more air intake
to produce better vapor or “Clouds”
• The “Valve” is the newest addition to the design which is air pressure driven
to go up and down and is adjustable thru the threads between the
Upper Top cap and the sleeve, so that you can find
your sweet spot for your clouds and flavor.
* Juice catcher ring is one of the Game changers that we have created,
giving you more peace of mind when it comes to over dripping,
or accidentally dripping on the side of your build.
It was created to catch the juice underneath the base,
giving you security from spills.
In effect, the juice under the base will be sucked up the airflow chamber
thru the vacuum process, going straight to the bottom of the coil,
giving you that unique burst of flavor in your juice with every drag.
•Rebuildable atomizers are for the experienced vapers with access to multimeters and a working knowledge of how electronic devices work. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage/harm to the atomizer, vaping device, or yourself.

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